Using LDA Funds

hey @alex sorry for this dumb question . but can i get to know that when you will use LDA funds ? although its not direct investment of 40 m . at the end LDA will sell those xcn to recover money . right ?

Im eager to get a answer on this .

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As much i read , according to new team they never used LDA agreement .

old team used LDA funds rumors have it

Hmm, rumors i dont believe . on blockchain everything is visible


  • The Onyx team concluded an agreement with LDA Capital regarding possible Onyx Funding. It was before I started to work at Onyx.
  • I don’t know if Onyx ever used the LDA agreement. I’m not in contact with the previous Onyx team members. New Onyx is a brand new story.
  • I didn’t use the LDA agreement
  • I found this agreement inefficient. Yes, LDA may sell XCN tokens that they receive from Onyx.

Cool . Thanx for your response .

@alex sorry but how can you not, as head of DAO, just ask previous Onyx team if they used LDA aggreement. It is your duty to reveal out the truth. It’s a $40m potential funding and we need to know if old team used it or not…


they are not in touch ? as the protocol is decentralised

It’s not your money, why do you even care?

lol :grinning: :laughing:

He considers the DAO money as his own money . Decentralised :slight_smile: