Proposal: Allocate XCN to provide liquidity on exchanges

Now that went fast! Congrats on the successful passing of the liquidity proposal.

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Give it a bit more time is one thing. Setting a threshold to the voting could be another. Balance out the weighed voting maybe. In this case if someone comes in with 233M votes. Even if others would disagree it is difficult to make any case against it.

Congo Guys . it passed Good luck

when it will be executed ?

1 week maybe ? or more depends on team though

I totally agree with you on this. If an investment is made in the project, it is to support and support the investment instead of making a fudge.

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smart words :blush:

Hey Alex,

When do we get an update on deployment of this proposal?

Make se of the community to discuss!



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I was not around that time. Can you point us in the direction where you told about the big 40m partnership? Please show your community in the right direction, sir.

8 days ago and still no answer @alex

On Telegram your mods say that it is here where we can come to get in touch but I will have to tell them wrong again.

Two things seem to be in fashion here, decentralization and transparency. Let’s try to really live up to those values, right? It is what is holding the story up for Onyx to be a DAO and you are our leader.


These tokens are already partly allocated to the exchanges to provide liquidity. It’s not a one-day process.

Some are on hold for coming new possible listings.

Do you mean 40m partnership with LDA Capital?

Told many times, it’s not rational to use it because it will actually dump the XCN price.


Sorry for delay.

I try to visit the forum regularly to address questions and share news.


Actually lol . LDA would dump badly after each deal . we need real investors who believe in us , and vision

Thanks for passing by, Alex! Is it possible to have more transparency about the allocation of the tokens? We are having a lot of listings already. What was the reason behind chasing more exchanges? Thanks!

Can you send me a link where this has been explained because I have been around but never found it. Did LDA get a bag of tokens in return for the 40m partnership? I don’t understand where that 40 million will be used for and what the consequences are. I am also happy to wait for the AMA :+1:

Hey Jones,

Listings provide much exposure for the project, and influence XCN accessibility. Onyx depends on XCN from the Treasury, and that’s why it’s important.

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There was an agreement with LDA, but it never went into action.

Also looking forward to AMA, welcome to join!


better it never went to action . we need real investors

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Ok, that makes things clear. Thank you so much for your time linking me in.

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