My supplied XCN is missing?

Hi @alex ,

Congratulations on the successful launch of V2.

I am missing my supplied XCN.

When would it be returned or reflected on the portal?

Do I need to enable XCN supply again?

What about the gas fees? Would we get a refund?

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its launched or yet to be launched on 12 feb ?


The v1 supplied XCN is a part of the reimbursement plan along with other supplied tokens. The v2 Onyx app does not reflect them.

As the XCN supply/borrow market contract changed, users to enable this market again, supply and borrow from the start.

No refunds for gas fees.

The XCN staking contract is the same, and the staked XCN tokens are on the v2 Onyx app. Details:


When can we expect those coins to be reimbursed to us?

No specific date yet.


Hello! So, as I understand:

  1. There will be reimbursment in next months?
  2. Supplied and staked XCN will be part of that reimbursment?
  3. Rewards from V1 are unavailable forever?
  4. Currently staked and supplied XCN in V1 are unavailable until reimbursment?

I am asking because it was said that funds are safe, and I didnt retrieve funds from V1 because of that statement, so now I will have to wait for “next months”? Rewards couldnt be claimed due to a wallet with insufficient amount of XCN…

all true . regarding 3rd i think unclaimed rewards are lost .

hope reimbursment starts as soon as possible . and people starts trusting onyx back


yes many affected users complaining for quicky reimbursement

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Please note for unclaimed rewards for XCN, users that tried to claim and a successful transaction occurred as stated, funds did not come back to the account. These rewards should be available.

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how is it possible that claimed rewards wont shown in the wallets