I did not get any refund

Hi guys,

I was testing out the platform 8 days ago to see what it is all about and also because I thought to get my gasfees back. I minted some oETH and supplied it. I also did an enable transaction for MAYC. Are these transactions refundable? I can share the wallet with the tech team if needed. It is a test wallet I set up for testing the dapp.



Just wait till sunday . you will get back

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i already got back refund of my gas fee today around 5 hours back

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I saw just now that it is possible not all transactions are refunded. For example the transaction to enable the supply might not be eligible. I will follow up on a few days. I would probably not have start testing if I knew I was paying for the gasfees.

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Gas fees are also not that high these days so ok .
better clear these doubts before

but staking . claim rewards and voting such things are like gas refunded in that case

Did you get your refund now? You should have received your refund. If it’s still not there, please contact @defidante on Telegram. We don’t leave anyone without a refund, you will definitely get it.

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is the transaction to enable the supply might eligible ?

I did not receive any refund so I will contact Dante on Telegram.

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You still not got refund mate ?

Have you received it now? Don’t worry, we will definitely look into your issue. Just contact Dante on Telegram.

Not yet received. I sent Dante my wallet address and all the transactions. I am waiting to hear back from him.

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weird . all gas refunds as mentiioned by Team gets refunded the next friday only . did you really have txn which is eligible ?

Maybe I should just share the wallet here. I set it up specifically for testing Onyx so it doesn’t matter that much. I would rather have Dante getting back to me.

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Anyway, let’s see what you guys make of it…

you hold Mutant Ape ? fr

Is this relevant for the refund?

He will reply Mick.

Yes indeed, I got a reply from Dante now and he told me it will be solved soon.

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:wink: :wink: