Has Sega left onyx protocol?

Sega HQ twitter handle no longer active and he is not in the TG group.

We have Vt now. Contact him if you have any questions

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:exploding_head: :face_with_monocle:whatttt ?

Hey. There will be announcement about that soon. All good, the protocol continues its work as before :slight_smile:

Sega left the scene? Since when? But what is the reason? Can anyone from the team make a quick announcement to clarify the situation?

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I believe, team will drop more details, on it, for now’ no point to worry’ we got VT

Now we have Vt. He may have left due to a change of position or other reasons. If you have any questions, you can contact Vt.

Chill guys , it was his personal decision because of family issue . support him in his bad time



Yes, Sega left due to personal issues.

VT is now the Head of Business Development and he’ll have an assistant soon.


Now there is Vt. If you have questions, you can contact him and get information.

I think the team will as a matter of necessity clarify the community in due time

Since when Sega left the team? And why there hasn’t been official notification to the community? I know he has issues related to personal matter but a short notification wouldn’t too bad.


Recently. We’ll announce the team rearrangement once prepare everything.


All the best to VT for this role . hope he performs better and good luck to sega

As you said, we wish success to Vt. We believe that they will develop the project in the best possible way.


When is the official inauguration for VT or is that already passed by?

Sound Good @alex

Interesting development, really sorry for Sega and I hope things get better for him soon, goodluck VT! Looking forward to seeing you in action :eyes:

He is already at work , check his title in Tg group

Yup, I noticed his tag went to BD

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