EU banking watchdog extends anti-money laundering measures to cover crypto firms

EU banking watchdog extends anti-money laundering measures to cover crypto firms — link (EU Banking Watchdog EBA Extends Anti-Money Laundering Measures to Cover Crypto Firms) | tl;dr (EU Banking Watchdog Extends Anti-Money Laundering Measures to Cover Crypto Firms – Telegraph)

This is very good news

One of the arguments generally presented to bitcoin is the issue of black money.

But black money is mostly laundered in cash and cash is impossible to track, but cryptos can be tracked.

It’s definitely good news and has many benefits.

There is no one who does not present this argument and it gets annoying after a while, they are already doing all kinds of inspections and they are still talking.

You are absolutely right about this, these transactions are being done more with cash, the aim is crypto hostility anyway.

This type of news is important in terms of trust.

The biggest opponents of crypto presented this argument and in the end they all supported it :slight_smile:

Most transactions are already done with cash and cash is used to launder it, but when the aim is to oppose crypto, the centralized system justifies itself.

Especially new investors need confidence in this regard.

This was a big deception, people collected bitcoins every period with manipulations and reduced the price and bought them back.

The central system makes the illegal legal when necessary, or vice versa, depending on interests.

Large institutions pay more attention to such things than investors

All familiar and well-known people and institutions were doing this, but it seems like they don’t have much impact anymore, and ETF was also accepted.

Of course, the system always works like this, the most illegal activity becomes legal if it benefits the central system, if there is something illegal, it is paper money, they print it unlimitedly :slight_smile:

Institutions were more worried about getting into trouble, so they were always cautious.

On the contrary, central structures that collect large amounts of bitcoin now have the power to manipulate news.

The removal of paper money further strengthens the centralized system and they monitor our every move, resulting in a more centralized structure.

Anyone would worry the same way, but this is not true for all.