EU banking watchdog extends anti-money laundering measures to cover crypto firms

If they say they will sell even with a slight fear in order to make a profit when necessary, it may have a negative impact everywhere, and this is a risk.

Paper money cannot be tracked, but if these central structures and illegal transactions are controlled in a decentralized manner, the problem will be eliminated.

Those who are not worried are the ones who already do this job with the central system.

This is exactly what I’m talking about. They can pose a threat with any news and assets they have at any time, so it can be dangerous for central institutions to buy bitcoin.

Since those who create this control mechanism will be a central structure, complete decentralization is difficult.

Of course, if they are buying, they will have certain controls, they cannot sell as they please.

Decentralization and central systems will be beneficial if they are compatible

Neither full decentralization nor fully centralized systems are ever sufficient on their own.

It doesn’t matter if they sell, just having the news power is enough.

Harmony and balance are always important. If one of the two arms of the scale predominates, the scale will not be balanced.

If it were, systems would not change in every period and stable systems would remain.

well its good . protecting country’s finance and strengthing the finances also makes sense . not everything they do is bad imo