Do you have both traditional assets and crypto in your portfolio?

I’m curious if any of you do hold both? Or just pure crypto? Having different type of assets minimizes your risk by a lot

what do you mean by traditional assets ?please explain ser

Yre I do, quite a few Indian Chinese amd Japanese stocks, Chinese stocks look especially attractive to me with dirt cheap valuations RN.

Indian stocks ? you are indian ?

which chinese stonks mate ?

tbh i like Gold and silver physical , but its risky to hold in big quantity at home

Why not holding it in a bank? How about some stocks, silver and currencies? You can also build your own vault to keep it too :smiley:

Rare metals, currencies, indices, stocks, commodities, etc. Low risk low return but solid hold in long term

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how is your pf diversified ? in ration of those assets i mean

thats not self custody of assets mate . i believe in self custody of my investments . anything related with banks is not self custody :grin:

ahh Got it . Thanx for the explanation . currencies are doomed . only $ is king . and i dont know how to keep my native currency in $

Black market can be a good option. The rate could be higher than the market rate but if you don’t have any other choice then just go for black market.

lmao bro. dont suggest anything illegal to people . lol

Of course, I hold both. You know crypto is not generally accepted as a means of exchange. There are areas where crypto is banned. So traditional assets (hard currency) comes in handy.

Well, if you don’t have other option and want to accumulate wealth then that is the only option.

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its time to change country if the country has banned the crypto :unamused:

I think both traditional assets and Crypto assets should be held. Risk always exists in every asset. A smart investor does not put all his eggs in one basket.

Unfortunately, this does not apply to everyone. Not all countries grant visas or citizenship easily. But Countries will eventually fully accept cryptos. THIS IS INEVITABLE

I only invest in cryptos. If you keep it on the right platforms, the risk of decentralized storage is eliminated and it becomes safer.

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Crypto is where creating wealth is easiest and also riskiest. The only thing that determines risk is timing. Buy at the bottom, sell at the top :slight_smile:

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