Considering Staking?

Curious to know what the community has experienced so far with this the XCN coin and its staking platform.

Most definitely, tried out with XCN.

BigRob thanks for your response. I hope to hear of more positive experiences.

staking was always safe . never messed up

how many of you are staking for airdrops ?


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Chad stake :slight_smile: not bad

its annoying we are waiting for details regarding airdrop from so long

Keep it coming guys! Your comment lends validity whether to stake on this platform or not. Lots of rug pulls in this space

lol . i dont this its a rug . survived this long bear phase what else . surely will do wonders in bull run

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Much appreciated Bigcheese!

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Team need to update something asap

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Absolutely I agree

still i think staking was not affected even during hack only supply borrow market was affected

I am also staking and it just works fine. However I need to connect my brave wallet no problem here but how do i make Brave wallet to show my balance? Is there a contract address that i need to use?
I managed to do this with my wrapped Flare tokens…Thanks for any help

lol you made it too complex . can you elaborate it please

I want to see my staking balance to show in Brave wallet instead of connecting my wallet the whole time to the app. But the contract address is for the whole staking pool…

you can use debank :slight_smile: just put your wallet adress and it will show every funds aseets which you have on wallet

Thanks for the input. I will explore DeBank as well. However I will be still searching for Brave wallet integration.


I understand your request.
It’s easier to use Onyx app to see the XCN staking amount instead of dealing with contracts.

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