Considering Staking?

debank is really cool man . it tracks all chain of the wallet address just at one place

add some more at this price . not bad to make it 200k NFA

lets see if there is some update of staking page in v2 website

Using DeBank is really easy and gives insights. lol. But I will stick to the Onyx app. Thanks for the input guys

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haha :slight_smile: you tried for 1st time ?

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While browsing through Etherscan on Onyx: $0.0021 | Onyxcoin (XCN) Token Tracker | Etherscan

Contract Security Audit
No Contract Security Audit Submitted- Submit Audit Here

What does this mean exactly?

Maybe nothing to worry about but as a noob I am curious what it means. Anyone any ideas?

what do you mean ? Onyx has been audited by Certik

Well if you have had an audit you would expect that details are covered. So that even contracts are shown as certified…just a sense of security. I came across this project and really like it. Meaning getting involved. I am fairly new to block chain and want to understand things. So this also means digging and questioning

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You guys stake 100% of your holdings or something less? If less, why?

not really 80 % of coins are staked . coz when its long term holding , its better to stake also getting juicy apy on that

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