About v2 resuming

hey @alex any expected date on which supplying and borrowing will get resumed ?


Probably January.


ngl, we cant just wait for it

hmm okay

January probably?
January has 30 days, thats wide. Is it more probable in December or February?

Imo; put the 3th proposal up and open v2 asap.
Funds are locked, not earning anything and there is risk of liquidation.
I find it very weird there are so very few complaints or questions about the site being locked for weeks.


It’s expected that closing v1 markets will be finished in December. The DAO will work on v2 in January, and it’s hard to estimate how much time it will take.

Funds are locked because of a hack and lack of cash in the protocol, not because the v1 app is disabled. They are subject to reimbursement, which will take time even after the v2 launch.
There is no risk of liquidation because of the same reason.

The process of the v1 ⟶ v2 transition is started.

See Important question's to the community and XCN team? - #2 by alex for more info.

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There were about 12 million in deposits and 10 million in loans at the time of the hack? And 2 million was stolen?
So the protocol is now sitting on more then 10 million of deposits idling, not making any return and this will weeks, maybe months to release? Thats more loss to the depositors. Plz arrange the assets to be released, or at least a part of it.

dammmm . so its gonna be a long wait haul

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January is fast approaching :zap:

expected in january

I think it will open in January

I think we should not put pressure on the team. This will have many testing phases. Nobody wants to make a mistake again, right? let’s be patient

It would be most logical to be patient and give the team time to do their best job. support should be the same in all cases, good and bad

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The team will solve the problems as quickly as possible. I think being patient will solve everything.

Finger crossed, i believe everything should work out well eventually

lets go . should be a balastic launch of v2

Hope, it will get resumed as fast as it possible


a great v2 launch which will be all over twitter and crypto space :star_struck:

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everything will definitely go well