Zealy looks like a successful campaign

Hope they keep up with community . and bring tvl and value

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Let’s hope that people not only participate for the prizes, but that they really start using the app


Exactly my point . The real value will come when there will be more interaction on the dapp

there should be some quest of like voting in some proposals so that they should buy xcn and then vote

looks like a good idea lol

true. Also there should be a quest to buy XCN on 1000 USDT value and hold 1 year. The prize is 1000 XCN lol

Lmao . this is bad . its like forcing someone to buy .

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very unethical idea :slight_smile: but taking part on webapp is good idea . but asking them to buy xcn :slight_smile:

let’s hope that they will prolong zealy after the first campaign

Yeah brother . they are in large number they can bring some value to it