Zealy is coming back on onyx

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what are your views on this ?

Well, it’s time to earn some free money. No opinion on this.

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Small awareness boost with a possible hint of bull run. Anyway, time to accumulate more Onyx and helps out the project!

Interesting what kind of results Zealy yields always, looking forward to this for sure!

you take part in it ?

Why not? It’s free money? You don’t want to get some free money? I wouldn’t want to miss this chance. First rank could have some juicy reward which I’m aiming for.

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who doesnt ? when you are a active community member of a project you must

this is really awesome. The perfect way to both win awards and make the Onyx name known more

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how you make onyx more famous ? any suggestions

Engaging social media posts is one of the more effective ways to reach more audiences.

Good luck to all zealy lovers :innocent:

Zealy events are both an excellent way to reach more audiences and a very good way to reward loyal onyx users. The more such events are held, the more beneficial they will be for the project.