$XCN Just Got Added on ADM Exchanger more exposure for #XCN

Announcement link

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Nice . will look at it


great this is good news


Absolutely, it is definitely a fantastic news

What I’m expecting we will have some cross-community PR and promotion, between both project

I visited ADM TG Telegram: Contact @adamant_eng requesting for such

Heard its name for the 1st time :unamused: how is the volume there?

This is very good news for xcn, I have no doubt that there will be more

From the last AMA of yesterday, I learned @alex is the founder and I think it is a pretty good corporation for us (Onyx), having existing mutual relationship

Let’s build

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this is really awesome, $XCN is already available on big exchanges now its time to bring #XCN on small exchanges aswell it will be great for overall liquidity

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ALEX Is founder of what ?

ADM Exchanger, through his TG comment on Kriptobi

A big development. Great efforts by the team to push this through

Dude he is founder for Adamanat Messenger not exchange . Atleast read properly :slightly_smiling_face: :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Bro, easy tiger, lol ADAMANT messenger and not Adamanat, get your spellings right is also called AMD Exchange,
As you can see clearly in their tweet https://twitter.com/adamant_im/status/1701564761882730874

Needless to say, we both referred to the same project

Great news , creating room for more exposure :100:

so @alex is founder of this Adamant ?

Ok brother got it .thanx for the reply :heart_eyes:

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This is great news for Onyx Protocol
More exposure and visibility for $ONYX