XCN Chart/ Price

Hey guys,

Can we have a discussion about XCN price?

We are going into a bull market. Liquidity and investors will come in but there is no hype. Everyone seems to be moping around.

On the XCN chart it is coming to an apex. XCN could blow the top of price. Does anyone have any insight? It appears XCN has found a new floor.

I’m a new investor in XCN.

Where is our marketing department and PR department? Do we have a plan? Do we need help? When do we pivot and spin the narrative?

I’d appreciate talking with someone even over the phone through Twitter or discord about the project. My Twitter user handle is @WenMoonTok.

I posted here because we are not allowed to talk about price in the discord.


awesome mate .yeah we cant talk about price here

:ok_hand: :ok_hand:


Thanks for your analysis.

Onyx is in process of moving from v1 to v2 after the hack.

After that happen, we’ll move forward with PR and marketing.


bad times will end soon

Break out incoming?

1 month long accumulation may be ? or smaller than that . only whales can tell haha


is it good time to dca ?

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That’s what I am doing.

can i ask you about your bag size? if you are comfortable

Thanks for jumping in here @alex


Merry christmas Fam !! hope we get santa rally for xcn

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merry Christmas to you too

good things will definitely happen

We firmly believe in this and we will achieve this with onyx

it definitely is

looks like accumulation

Dca is always a reliable method in both aspects of the market

Dca should always be done this is the best way to take advantage of possible risks and benefits