Xcn and jpm - any connection?

Can anyone say with provable certainty there is no connection to jpm? Just seems so weird that they’d name their coin/ project after existing one and have similiar capabilities?

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nope no connection with JP MORGAN . their onyx is a private blockchain used for private banking tx sttlemnt

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BUT… Its obviously J.P. Morgan thats issuing the stable coin to be clear, it is onyx. What XCN lacks is constant liquidity or money coming in.this should like XRP start raising the value of XCN. Ive had my stash fir a LONG time. Was hoping years ago just like XRP and XDC that it would take off. I mean Hell its got J.P.'s name on it! Thing should have laid a few golden eggs. Patience is key. RWA is that goose!!! We are just early to the party.

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Interesting, so did JP Morgan dump this platform after the security breach and start another “More Secure” private With the same name to add insult to injury? Just trying to get what exactly this is now?

What dump ? There was never connection with JP morgan and Onyx

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its terrible people are still not aware of the fact that JP MORGAN AND ONYX protocol has no connection . whose fault ?

lets finish this chapter lol