Why wallet connect not working on onyx

@alex Hey . i found out that wallet connect is not working on onyx app . whats wrong . please solve it

same issue with me too when i was trying to vote

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Hey! It does work. Please use your built-in browser in your wallet. It should work

But how to use when i’m using PC ? that’s not the solution right ?

Yup exactly . is team aware with this issue ?

there is some issue with wallet connect i think . there is some upgrade ,

I mean on PC website Candy not on dapp :sweat_smile:

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Yes . they upgraded to version 2 . Not sure why onyx have not updated yet .


WalletConnect switched to a new version.

We are aware of the situation and the task in the backlog.


Great . Just wanted to be confirmed that you guys are aware or not .

Ok . hoping to get it done soon .

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Cool Sir . :innocent: