Why so much gas fee only on onyx platform?

hey why we have to pay so much of gas fees on onyx platform . other platform dont charge so much gas fee ?

This sucks man . i too dont understand how is it possible ?

Hahaha . who cares :slight_smile: im holding in cex

But all the gases are being rufunded right ?

  1. it’s refunded
  2. erc20 gas is the same everywhere

Hey . I understand your question , But all the gas fees which are paid by community on onyx platform is being Refunded by the Onyx on each Friday .

For more details you can check this article . Thanx

Oops I was wrong. Swap function takes 3x more on Onyx than on Uniswap.
Also there’s no refunds for swap

yeah . i also faced this issue then swapped on Uniswap . dont understand the reason of so much gas on onyx platform

dont use onyx swap feature while swapping . only for staking and platform purposes .

So Onyx takes its comission for swapping or?

Onyx has a swap function from Uniswap, it’s not native Onyx.

Gas refunds are public, this is how much is left: 0x4d16Bd3bd9B593b3FCA257A8B8769227c2f58540

it is but not for swapping .for other stuffs like staking , voting

true . surely there is something wrong in uniswap . hope team will work out over this and saves the fund which is being paid as gas fee

True Man . hope it will be solved asap

@alex gas refund on voting too ?

i wanted to ask this too .

Hey ! Yes all the costs on voting ( Gas ) will be refunded too . Stay Assured .

Nice . Thankyou for making it clear