White paper v actual project

It’s been a while since the team said something about the white paper for upcoming projects. Just wondering why it’s taking for ever for a white paper. we are not even talking about the introduction of the projects into the mainnet yet

probably they are waiting for the good time of market .

:expressionless: :skull:

new v3 whitepaper has been mentioned by the protocol though . lets see when they really act upon

ETH etf got accepted meanwhile we are waiting for some updates since month Xd

when the new v3 wp is coming?


No release date yet. Stay connected.

any expected major change ?

ok sir as you say

@alex it’s too quiet here. This is no longer funny. Certainly can’t boost investors confidence this way. communication zero, my kindergarten kid can do better

Sure agree and understand the impatience of everyone. I am also eager for news. But I also can imagine that there is a thin line between info and insider information regarding plans and progress to community and outside world…At least a timeline for info would be already great!

Devs are lagging for sure

we all are eager mate , so much of upcoming updates and we waiting for one

Sorry guys but I do not like carrots in front of my nose. I sold everything…best of luck

Ignore this post. Impulsive decision with regrets… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

dammm why why ?

Okay okay…patience. I bought a partially back at a discount. I just joined the community and expecting wonders. Fair enough the people that got reimbursed took a while. At least money back. I know it takes time to develop things but at least a time line would be great. And somewhere else stated how hard can it be to keep the website updated and post new white papers. Also why isn’t the reimbursement a news topic? Alex is silent for a while…So at least agree that it is rather quiet…

i dont think publishing hack news always is a good marketing gimmick

do you guys read whitepaper of every project before investing ?

Yes! Quite important…Roadmaps as well