Which wallet is safe to hold my xcn

You can use physical wallets like Ledger. But the important thing is to buy it directly from the official website. Don’t buy from places like Amazon

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:rofl: :joy: imagine buying ledger from ebay or amazon

Someone above said from Reddit and that’s crazy lol that’s like buying Jewellery from a convenience store or something LMFAO


Buying jewellry from hardware shops lmfao

:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

You are absolutely right, we should not forget that there are many people who do this unknowingly. Especially in the Cryptocurrency market, you have to be smarter than usual, otherwise you can lose all your money with a single mistake. Precaution is a must, anytime, anywhere

A very accurate analogy. You should do everything according to the rules and know the risks so that you can be protected.

It is best to use a hardware wallet such as Ledger for maximum security.

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and not the latest one lol : ) it was controversial launch

Other Web wallets also perform the same function, as long as you don’t connect your wallet to the wrong places, and you can always minimize the risk by dividing the money into 2 or 3 different wallets, just like in central exchanges.

Scammers are very smart these days . you wont even know which site is harmful . they even send some files thought tg nd your system is hacked without doing anything ,

Security systems have improved so much thanks to fraudsters. We can say thank you in a way. As they find new ways, new methods will continue to develop. Of course, we always need to take precautions, so let’s not become victims as systems develop

Of course, I would even add this: Optimists invented the plane, pessimists invented the parachute. Thanks to fraudsters, the development of these security systems ensures the balance.

Personally, talking about me, I hold my XCN on the BNB chain on the Frontier wallet. I also have some XCN on the Eth chain on the same wallet.