When new Budget proposal will be coming?

Hi team . whats the next plan for protocol ?

i think whole community is waiting for this

Should focus on only important task this time so that community agrees lol

everything was important in last proposal too in my opinion

We are collecting Community valuable feedbacks on the current proposal , after all we will propose new budget soon . Every news will be shared . Stay tuned .

is there any marketing going on ?


We want to get helpful feedback to understand why previous proposal didn’t succeed.
Post your suggestions.

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too much money was needed for wages etc with no guarantee of success

Why is everyone so concerned with the budget. Alex and Sega are paid, they need to go out and execute something. Then we can re evaluate budget. Everyone seems to be turning a blind eye to Xcn price. Investors are wrecked, do something about it then worry about budgets

do you think without budget , marketing is possible ? or only alex and sega can run the whole protocol ?