What's your thoughts about New Zealy Campaign?

The new Zealy campaign for all Onyx supporters is live, and I am very optimistic about this campaign. But everybody has their own opinion, so what is your opinion about this?

But apart from opinion, I belive everyone should participate in this campaign. If you haven’t participated in it, here is the link to the Zealy campaign:-Zealy - Join the movement

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Im very optimistic about zealy second sprint . hopefully they give best to the project and which brings real value

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I believe the key purpose is the help drive our community and hopefully push visibility and also bring in investors and partnership.
It’s a good one


you think zealy is successful in that vision ?

Yes I believe the team is going on the right path, as is still new after the rebranding I guess it will attract new and old other audiences in the community.

So hopes are high

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hmm . lets pray for the best

Uh, good enough I guess? Was hoping for something more hype

Yes, it is. We can’t deny the fact that most projects get visibility through campaigns and out reaches.

XCN is not like other centralised projects where the team has unlimited access to funds; in my opinion, in a limited budget, Zealy is currently the best option.

Same here. I am also excited for this sprint. I hope more and more community members will join it and talk about it with their friends so that it can be a huge success.

last zealy was more interactive in my view