Whats next after 4 th recovery proposal?

what will happen now ? all proposal of recovry getting rejected . there is no end to it

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Take a look at the Proposal 5: Recovery Proposal 5: Onyx v2 Launch targeting the primary markets

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just praying that this gets approved with a good margin and this comes to end

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:relieved: :slightly_frowning_face:

A new offer has been made, it seems like a great offer. The community must express its opinion

You are absolutely right, the process has taken longer, but I believe that the best offer will be selected and the future will be shaped by onyx.

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Everyone, take a look at this Offer, friends. This offer is great and will come in handy.

The community is very selective because they want the best offer

This proposal should definitely be taken into consideration, examined and implemented, and should be considered good enough to be accepted.

You are right about this. Onyx will shape the future

i believe this proposal will stand the chance to be accepted

i agree the community will put up lots of consideration and will get the best offer.

just pray for it lol . no one can predict it . sudden voters at last time change the all prediction

The bid is leading and looks like it will win.

This offer is very good and accepting it will have great results.

This time his vote rate is quite high and there are no votes against him, I think he will win.

There’s no reason why he shouldn’t win

The onyx team has definitely presented its best offer and it will reflect very well on the project.

Even if there is a possibility at the last minute, one can vote against it. But right now this is very unlikely

I think this will definitely not happen. They have rejected many offers for 1 month, accepting them this time will help them take action as soon as possible and a solution can be reached quickly.