What you all think about adding Trump NFT cards on the app?

Damnnn its crazy one . isnt it political or something ?

If it profitable then go ahead, I wouldnt mind since it could attract some attention from people

Not a supporter for Trump so I will say no to this proposal. Don’t want to see the MAGA folks invading this forum and breaching their ideology. Its better if we could stay away from politics in general

An interesting but risky proposition.

:smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:Thats what i thought it will be political : ) But again its not about politics and its about culture of Nfts and making onyx great

Yeah, it would be great if they could keep it apolitical but at some points, when someone has a bad day. They login, make a post ranting about something political. That is where when the sh*t hit the fan

Every human is politician . its by nature :stuck_out_tongue: and its good to be active participant in whats happening around in your country as people vote and bring them to power


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:saluting_face: :saluting_face:

Poses too much risk, I think they’re gonna get a lot of regulatory heat and staying away is wiser. There’s so many better bluechips to add if needed.

regulatory heat because of which reason ?

Unregistered NFT sales, plus Trump is getting rekt by the DOJ right now so this is just another potential angle they can hit him somehow. Remember it’s the government afterall, they make and break the rules anytime they like.

Things will be opposite if he wins next year lmao