What you all think about adding more Nfts on onyx?

What you all think about adding more Nfts on onyx ? I really think its time

NFTs that have a good investor community behind them can be listed on the platform. I think it would be logical to list the best ones instead of listing every NFT.

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Sure yeah pudgy penguins seem hot to me currently after their Walmart push!

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Is it on solana chain or erc ?

It probably looks like erc20. Not every project is listed directly, the best ones must be selected and added with the correct chain.

okay bear was on solana . pudgy i think on erc

It can be added, but remember that there is a cost for each addition and it means more spending. Therefore, if this is what is requested and what the community wants, it should be done. After all, they are the ones who will use it


Once we finish with the PEPE, we research adding new NFT market.

What’s your guess? Pudgy Penguins?


Yes thats a good one pudgy :cowboy_hat_face:

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Definitely a food idea for
But the Three got potentials

I’ll rather prefer adding more token or coins as they’re doing .

Oh yeah that’s a great step and will create room for more partnerships

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There are numerous trending NFTs in market . i think team should select some and go for voting or select best considering the community of that particular NFT

NFTs have an important place in the market and NFTs need to be supported more.

The team submits the offer. It is entirely the community’s choice to accept or reject it. I hope they will start a vote soon.

whats your suggestion for nfts ? what you like

I would love to see Azuki from ethereum added to Onyx protocol


Ahha , thats a nice collection to be on onyx