What is you guys outlook for crypto this year? Will BTC go up or go down?

Curious to see you guys prediction. BTC has been looking shaky for awhile and there is no doubt that something big will happen soon.

max it will go 35k around and then ranging . boring ranging

what if we will see Xi candle on any good news ? :wink:

Properly another dump and dump then follow by a long period of ranging. People will be tired waiting and exist the market. By then, the bull returns and enters the stage.

I don’t see it going down again. This year, I feel the instability is mainly ocassioned by the numerous court cases and EFT saga.
I hope to see BTC bull in the remaining part of the year

Makes sense . and may be too many good news and market wont react on any news . people will be bored

Just hope that I’m still holding till the bull run. It gonna be stressful to survive another crypto winter