What impact the market had after cz dismissal?


The influence of CZ is even bigger than any big boys in this space, including Sam, Su zhu, Do Luna …

The difference is THE MARKET has changed. Market is THE KING.

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Agree, Market is the king

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cz dismissal was smooth one and in reality he has not manipulated any users funds or so market didnt faced any reverse consequence . HOpefully this new binance team keeps up the legacy

what you all think ? will market see and grow another cz ?

Definitely it’s absolutely a big space

I hope now he has time to look at Market liquidity Protocols like Onyx

this is a great explanation :alien: :space_invader:

Exactly mate!
Thats what im seeing now !
Even top players like JP Morgan CEO can’t even influence the market with negatives anymore.
The very essence of decentralization, i hope it stays like this .