What do you think could be added?

If you could add new features to the Onyx Platform, what would you like to add? I’m curious about your ideas

All the Roadmaps features which are already decided in past . and yet to be provided

It would be great to have a trading feature on the platform. The number of decentralized transactions would increase significantly.

Finally, if a reference system is added to the platform after the trading process is opened, this will open the door for more people to turn to the platform.

thats out of question . onyx is not a exchange service provider.

I believe adding more blockchains can be a great idea for the marketplace.

It will definitely be Flash loans on the Onyx Protocol
The concept always fascinates me

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Flashloans, they really boost adoption and usage generally I have noticed.

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VERY crowded market, pointless competing in a space where there are over 100 projects already.

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Flashloan and RWA : MAKER is betting big on RWA . we need to atleast follow them

also they are well settled . better work on something which may be revolutionise

Flash credits have their own risks. Misuse can damage Onyx Protocol.

There are some risks in giving unsecured loans. At the same time, such loans can harm both the project and the market if they are used to manipulate.

It may be possible if the necessary integrations are made, but this requires infrastructure and many regulatory changes require time.

Make changes around securing the loans given . it only happens when the assets drastically


Quite agree mate !

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100 % agreed . need to be the best

bsc feature on omyx own website

too many sypportes needed to make it best