What are you guys holding beside XCN?

I’m holding BTC, ETH, BNB, DOGE, DOT, SOL and XCN.

Im holding woo , sonne , velo rdnt , pyr inj

eth 50 % and rest alts in some % xcn inj mina pyr and some shitcoins on dex haha

You don’t have BTC in your portfolio, the OG coin?

Haha some folks look for more Xs : ) Btc wont do much X

Ahhh, that makes sense. High risk high reward.

Radiant , xcn , my forever long term eth , aave , mkr and some random alts

ETH of course, MKR because I think it is primed to win decentralized stablecoin space and also YFI and lastly ARB because I think the tech Arbitrum has is unparalleled and that it’ll dominate the L2 domain and once they turn on fees sharing from their sequencers it’s game over for everyone else.


No AAVE ? Aave also launched is Stablecoin i feel .

Btc eth atom link inj dot and some low caps . i also had unibot sold top top

who is staking their XCN here ? i mean all of their XCN staked

Mine . there is no other way to increase my bag size. also onyx gives good rewards

Btc is boomer coin :smile: why to hold this ?

Aave is okay too since it is one of the largest DeFi lending platform and they already have quite decent revenue in the last few years. I hope Onyx can generate some revenue soon.

Y’all holding only crypto? Why not adding some traditional assets like stocks, indices or rare metal? It would be better to diverse your portfolio instead of only crypto. Traditional assets have lower return but in long term, they are more solid than most crypto (except BTC)

Holding Metal is too risky in my opinion . fear of theft and all .

lol . Digital world

Market leader, BTC is like a religion now and those succeed historically.

well yeah you are right . Btc leads crypto , The King

Besides XCN, I’m holding SLCL, BNB, SOL.
Looking forward to adding BTC to the list