What about the new Token SUI which is launching soon

should we try to get sui on the platform asap to attract more users ?

based . early adopters win everytime

noice suggestion ser . when is the sui launch date ?

their IDO is planned … no airdrop …do you really think we should list . integrate with sui ?

SUI is very centralized project… they forbid users of some countries to participate in their project…

Teh forbidden USA bcz of the legal issue :rofl:scared of Sec .Or else it will be called security by them

As far as I know they don’t allow users from Russia, Belarus too

for real ? need to check .how come russia

Sanctions etc, the team is involved in politics which is not good

for real they are involved in politics ?

let it launch guys .and see the reaction and hype then decide later

Agree. Just wait and see what happens.

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thanx for the feedback guys . appreciate it

true folks , just wait for it now

Listed Guys on several exchanges

we gonna put proposal to add sui ?