Wen we will be adding woo on the platform

woo is a great project . we can have talk with team and add it on the platform here

The total volume looks good.

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Indeed its good as its dex i think

Woo as an project is great in my eyes, I will love to see woo token on onyx protocol and also XCN token on woo :heart_eyes:

But it will all start with community, if we as an community start talking about XCN in woo community then it might kick start the process :crossed_fingers:t3:

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By adding woo, what do you mean? Integrate woo token in Onyx protocol? I think there are much better options to do that out there for sure

Great insight

lets create a proposal then onyx team can add

I mean add woo token which can be supplied staked borrowed like other tokens which are present on the protocol . Thats the use of onyx right ?

Yes but then there are many many more tokens that can be added to the protocol before and would be better additions I feel. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and so are you too though :slightly_smiling_face:

what so special about woo ?

:thinking: :thinking:

This could be a great idea. It looks really good in terms of volume. Additionally, it is always more advantageous to add cryptocurrencies with active communities to the platform.

Exactly, it is in a very good condition in terms of volume, which is a sign of an active audience. If it is to be added to the Onyx platform, mass activity is important.

Ngl i like woo and its vision . this will surely make some big noise in next bull run . hope team considers woo to list here

Good call
Adding $WOO will be nice
Plus, it is an Exchange token known for having deep liquidity

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Haha : ) when woo on onyx staking and lp platform