Website tvl update needed

@alex can we get the website to update at least daily?

are you loooking at old website ?

guys he asking it for the main website i.e V2 upgraded one

True it will look better if it will be showing real time stats on main page

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I’ve made a request.

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Main page is supposed to be updated in real time, the team should know better

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Thanks @alex . The little things matter…alot.

Ps…still not updated.

yeah and i dont think its a hard task though

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@alex this still isnt updated and now the markets tab on the website and app doesnt seem to be updating either. Just look at the price is ether…its from a couple weeks back.

whats wrong with APP ?


Devs are aware. Waiting for an update from them.

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@alex whats so hard with keeping the website and markets tab updated with current financials? Its important to existing and potential users/investors…

Are we still alive ?

lol we are alive