We need some more listing of xcn on different exchanges

Hey tea, although listing talk is not allowed but as a user i feel you guys should bring stronger exchanges for xcn listings .

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i agree 100 % . Hopefully we will get some exciting things

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also we need more assets on onyx market platform

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True . can we make some proposals from community for this ?

First work on all the bugs and features then more listing as a strong project


We communicate with exchanges and listing managers.
I’ll include listing budget in the next proposal.


:cold_face: :sunglasses:lfg

Binance would be nice lol

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Thanx for the confirmation and Hopium Alex !! All the best

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Naah . first on small exchange and then in last On Binance . If you know you know

Damn cool . Thats official , more listing coming :space_invader: :smiling_imp:

Small exchange like? FTX? Lol

Ftx doesn’t even exist . lmao

dont worry ftx2.o coming soon .xD

Binance when?

after all the developments which is going on . we need to be competitive

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