We have got a likely upcoming AMA, let's get set as team unfolds details



when it is and which platform ?

Thats a great news bro , hope this time x space :face_with_spiral_eyes: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Uhm, I would like the team to share more details the upcoming AMA. The announcement is too vague. I have no idea where, when it will happen and who will be the host and guest. Will it be a close or open AMA?

The team hasn’t shared the platform, but I guess it will be by September = next month.
But that is just my guess

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@uninsured043 I think we will have an interesting AMA, and often Onyx AMA has been an open one
Let’s wait for more details from the team, as we get ourselves prepared

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OHH ok . though it will happen in August only

There is an AMA but we don’t know when or where?

Correct. This is just a teaser. Everything will be announced soon!


will be waiting for that candy :grinning:

Haha, beware or you get the cane instead.

Lmfao : ) Funny one