We have any Big face for marketing?

we have any Big face for marketing ? what you guys think . should we go for influencer marketing ?

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Influencer is costly. Community marketing is better but requires more effort but it builds authentic connection with people and investors who actually interested in Onyx. Just help Onyx spread the word on twitter, reddit, facebook, telegram and discord


Indeed community marketing is best , but kinda we need strong community who believes in the vision and trust

influncers are paid right?
they dont love the usecase and project .shilling ?

You can pay any influencer to promote the project. There is a rate for that. Just send them an email and I’m sure you will have every single detail.

do you like this concept ? of paid shilling

For me - A big no ( Organic growth is best )

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There will be awesome marketing campaigns, but i’m not aware about plans to hire bloggers.

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Organic growth is the best, no doubt. But given the current market situation, hiring one or two influencers wouldn’t hurt. Plus, it only a short term marketing. In long term, organic growth still better

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the new ambassadors are working very well and they are doing everything to make the name of onyx more popular.

Absolutely, organic is the best =, hype built over time fade out as quickly, as you have built it
That’s why you see shitcoins pump with massive hype and fade out into the tin air

Now; organic growth is the best, members turn family =, undersatnding the real value and purpose of the project

You support shillers too ?

Yeah, they are doing great. These dudes seem to know what they are doing. I hope they will be here for a long time so Onyx can grow further.

Let us know if you know something about future plans .

Everything will be announced in our social media https://twitter.com/OnyxProtocol
I can’t share things in advance :slight_smile:


one big or many small hu better all grow big in my opinion

I kinda hate Shilling and shillers marketing , its nothing than pump and dump . organic and slow growth is best

Shillers can be good if the underlying of a product, service is good. Shillers usually considered as bad because people think they always promote whatever they are paid for. Imagine people who are paid to promote good products and services, are they called shillers? Or just promoters?

Which CT you like the most ? or trust the most

What happens with these someone becomes the face of the project and then it becomes a cult and then eventually ends like Luna, that’s how all cult-like crypto projects have ended.