Vote in the latest proposal guys

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:+1: :+1:Done ser

Who can say no to such an offer? With everyone’s vote, the designs will come to life and take Onyx one step further. Thanks to everyone who contributed


Well, i believe everyone has got their own opinion, however this is super good

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yeah , i agree never try to force your pov on others

Passed or not ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes sir , passed and executed both

yeah =, was wondering =, cos i knew this is pass, LG, GUYS =

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Of course it passed. It will be implemented and started to be used soon. It seemed impossible not to accept it anyway.

GG !! Many more to come imo . just starting . dont fade onyx anon

The proposal was accepted unanimously. I hope you will bring more for Onyx and congratulations you did a good job