V2 should start as soon as possible

i dont know why its taking so much time to turn it on . the whole purpose of protocol is not working for a long time

I personally feel December isn’t great month for launch, some people are out there for holiday, January to me ia a good one.

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hahaaha , what a awesome reason

I see it coming Q1 of 2023
Fingers crossed on January

coz it was sudden upgrade and not planned . so obvs it will take time

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how many of you supply or borrow from onyx market ?

It may take time :thinking:

no no . its already been 2 month old issue they were aware about whappens

V2 start, then a lot tractions will set in

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Indeed patiently waiting for it :hot_face:

Depositors are yielding zero now. I could have deposit my eth on manta :(.
This should have been resolved by now.

I’ve supplied and borrowed from Onyxprotocol.

What source informed you that the ETH is yielding 0 during the upgrade?

I’ve been looking for info on that.

yeah because of the v2 upgrade processs v1 has been shutdown . whats the benefit of Manta ?


Onyx v2 is in development, and expected to go live in January, as it planned.

Running new protocol version is and clicking an “Enable” button, it requires development.


Amazing Update Alex . Thankyou for replying :innocent: