Upcoming Twitter Space AMA with Alex and VT

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Will this be in English? Why didn’t Onyx announce this officially?

It’s in Turkish and announced in Turkish Community

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why most of time it is alwys turkish and not in global language ?

It’s all about, how active the community is to get a AMA that works for both parties.

There will coming more AMA in other languages.

Every AMA is good, rejecting a AMA because it’s not in English doesn’t make Onyx more attractive.

We need all that we can get.

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No, why is this AMA in Trukish :cry: I want to participate. Will there be any English AMA coming up soon?

Can I use Google Translate for this since I can’t speak turkish? Why this AMA is not in English?

I agree with you. Turkey is part of the community. We’ve had an AMA in English before. Hosting this one in turkey is not a bad idea. It’s a way of saying that Onyx values that community.

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Perpahs the next would be for global

Well I’m Excited, Let’s build from Turkey, honestly doing AMA from the Turkish community seems right to me, they have been a lot of sentiment in that community
Looking forward to seeing this

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well but still you guys can try to opt global language for AMA and you can chose regional groups for such AMAs, not in main group .

Guys, the AMA in the Turkish community, would be in English

Am excited Guys. Guess what?
The AMA in the Turkish community, would be in English.
Hope you are excited

Dude its already over . you are sleeping or what ?