Tips about Crypto Market

Leave a tip for people new to the crypto market. Write down your experiences and what should be taken into consideration?


To Newbies, I would say that crypto can Mar you and it can also make you. It all depends on the choice and decision you make per time.
Before you invest, do your research. Have in depth knowledge about where you are investing.

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Trust your research , never fall in traps of Cts , do what most people are saying to do . always have conviction on your bets . and never invest more than what you afford to lose .

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Do not enter the market without learning the infrastructure of the crypto market. For example, in the simplest terms, using cold wallets, transfers between networks, how to transfer and withdraw money between exchanges such as erc20 trc20 polygon. Learn how to use memo tags or you may lose your assets because of a simple mistake.

Investing more than you can lose is no different than gambling. Actions taken without research, analysis and knowledge will cause harm and the person will continue to make mistakes.

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Never buy any course because everything is already available on the market. If someone claimed that they know how to be profitable then ask yourself if they are already profitable, why do they still need to sell course?

Always do your own research. Initially, there will be hiccups here and there. However, as time passes by, you will gain more insights into the market as well and the mistakes you made. By accumulating those “insights” and " mistakes", you automatically become decent investors.

Never trade more than you can afford to lose. Otherwise, you will become bankrupt. DO NOT OVER LEVERAGE!

My Tip - never search this topic on internet :hugs:

There are many good courses on the market in terms of information and technique, but it may be difficult to sort them out. Generally, if 100 people sell courses, 10 people create original content, the remaining 90 people copy it and they start selling it. It is necessary to be careful about scammers.

If you come across malicious people, serious losses are inevitable. There is a lot of useful information on the internet, but additional sources should be sought and compared in order to learn their benefits.

Look at it from this perspective. People do not value free things, but they give value to things they get with money. Some people are aware that free information is worthless and they rightfully sell it for a fee, and I think they are right. The issue is not always about money, but sometimes it is about the value given to effort.

Never buy all at one time . DCA and Hodl

DCA strategy can sometimes be a strategy that requires experience. Doing it from the wrong places can cause losses. It is a strategy that requires at least a little technical knowledge, that is, you need to have at least a little technical knowledge to identify possible buying places and apply DCA.

what you want to say ? its too complex what you sent

Actually, it’s not complicated, I’m just saying that there are risks if you don’t have enough information. If it sounds confusing, you should do more research.

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Some interesting suggestions here! Mine would be to understand the market and functionings as much as you could and knowing exactly what you’re getting into when you buy a token!

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Mine will be just dont be 100 % dependent on Market . must get a job and invest wisely . some people in escaping the matrix they escape a good life

The fundamental analysis part is a really important factor, but in general, many opportunities can be missed with fundamental analysis. The crypto market can always turn the corner and make even the most dysfunctional bad coins rise well, and as a result, a lot of research etc. can be garbage. The best thing is to invest in different assets in equal amounts.

If you have a good amount of money, there is no need to work, even if you earn a little, it will make you good money when the balance is large in %. But if you dream of becoming rich with a small balance, even if it is possible, it will cause you to lose control after a while. Those with low balance should invest by working for a certain period of time and should definitely stay away from things like loans and loans.

Hmm i agree . still never be dependent on just market