The upcoming Bitcoin halving, scheduled to occur in approximately 8 months, has historically led to renewed interest in Bitcoin and preceded major bull market

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Dont reveal it anons . let the bears play the game with weak hand retailers and they will sell cheap and buy back high again

do you guys really think we will have another bull run lol ? i lose hope sometimes

dont be so negative . let the market do its natural work . chill in life .

Been here since 2014 and I give you my guarantee, there will. BTC and crypto in a sense is a place for money laundering and you know, money laundering is an issue that has been around for ages.

since 2014 damn . you already made life changing money . epic

Just an early investor. I’m not a whale like many people think. Just someone who got lucky enough to make decent money through crypto. I know there are people out there that profited from BTC even more than I do.

Can we actually let our confirmation bias get in the way here? Will history repeat itself the exact same way, especially given there’s so many more people speculatin the event now?

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I believe this will be last run and then regulation will hammer many crypto projects aldo ETFs will make it like forex