The Onyx Zealy Campaign is Back! 🌐

:globe_with_meridians: The Onyx Zealy Campaign is Back! :globe_with_meridians:

:zap: Exciting news for explorers of the Onyx Matrix! We’re thrilled to announce the relaunch of the Onyx Zealy Campaign, offering a renewed adventure in the enigmatic realm of Onyx. Uncover hidden rewards and mysteries once again!

:spiral_calendar: Campaign is live now!
:star: Join the journey once more! :point_down:

Zealy - Join the movement

β€”the rewards! In the Zealy Campaign, you can earn:

  • XCN Tokens: Top contributors will receive a share of XCN tokens worth 1.5m XCN.
  • Discord Roles: Stand out in our community with exclusive Zealy Campaign Discord roles.
  • Onyx NFTs: Get your hands on limited-edition Onyx NFTs that hold a special place in the Onyx Protocol universe.

See below for all the thrilling details! :mag: :point_down:


Lets gooo , hope it will bring some real users to protocol

whats the Budget of this zealy program ?

good luck to all . lets make it happen . viral all around the space

It is stated that a share will be taken from 1.5 Million Xcn tokens.

Definitely don’t miss this event. Active Participants are definitely rewarded, be one of them and have a chance to win great prizes.

Let the campaign begin!
I am super happy that Zealy is back.
It’s a great opportunity to support Onyx marketing, and I also stand a chance to earn $XCN and Onyx NFT rewards.

Joined and ready for $XCN hunting? Anyone else ready to compete to the first rank with me?

Good luck too all the particpants , make onyx great again

Great to see zealy back again. Last edition, I was one of the top.
The campaign will be engaging and fun filled

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for real ? you topped . Nice man . HOpe you bring back value to the community

Zealy events are very rewarding and unite communities and reward them at the same time. The last event was great, I’m sure this one will be great too.

1500000 Xcn Token reward will be distributed, all are available in the event details.