The Onyx Protocol MetaUSD Platform is coming soon

:saluting_face: :shushing_face: v2 website !! eagerly waiting

Looks cool

one thing is confusing tht what is metausd platform ?

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New to the App & community, looking to stake, where do I go to stake/ where do I learn about staking with XCN? Thanksđź“Ť



Here is the staking section of the app Onyx Protocol


Thank you Alex!

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Finally had the balls to put a 200kXCN on Stake. Is it cheaper to do a few mil in one shot? The gas fee better that way, or not matter? Same question with withdraw, is gas fee alot too?


…Depending on network load gas fees will be higher. In L1 you better move larger quantities rather than small amounts. Depends on your own risk appetite. I guess you have only good intentions but as a friendly advice you should avoid mentioning the amount of coins you have or want to stake. I am not a conspiracy thinker or so but only cautious…


did you stake already ?
try staking when gas fee is lower . may be in midnight

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dont do in multiples txns.just stake at once

Thanks for all the advice, I appreciate ya’ll looking out. Didn’t think about the late night txns, was thinking lump sums were probably better economically. So are the eth fees for claiming rewards going to be more costly than the rewards, let’s say after the rewards get to 80k XCN or how does that work? Also is it best to wait a full year b4 claiming rewards and is there a way to compound the rewards to my stake without fees? Is there some literature that explains all this already? :round_pushpin:

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I don’t know any docs about how to optimize fees.
When I use DeFi, I prefer do transactions not offer, waiting for more rewards to accumulate. So it helps to save on fees.

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I would love to see compounding and lower fees too.

It seems like this should be something important to the future of Onyx.

Other stakes I have compound either automatically or can be selected.

I don’t see any literature that explains this either.

Good luck to us all.

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which platform automatically adds the rewards in staking amount ?



Auto compounding is a good feature.
Do you know an an example of such a protocol?

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NEAR offers compounding stake. VARA is another one that offers a choice of compounding or having the rewards sent to your wallet automatically. Cosmos, Tezos, Cardano, Aptos, and many others. I realize my perspective may be unique but this was the first protocol (in my experience) that didn’t offer auto compounding. Thanks for responding Alex.

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