TG sniper bots are trending

what do you guys think about sniper bots of telegram ? its trending these days

what are these bots ? any short brief plz

You have heard name of Unibot ?

They are doing great . new concept but may bring millions of users in crypto world with simple ui

What are these, what are they for, what are their functions, can you give information so that more people can see them and benefit from them?

TG Sniper BOTs are software tool that automatically buys a token as soon as it is posted in a Telegram group* . It also automatically sells it at your desired time. there are many such projects like unibot / maestro / banana

Something like trading bots? Well, if it trading bots then I have no high expectation since the majority of them only results in loss rather than profit.

The risk of these may be very high, if they are connected to the ground like pump groups, these groups will share after the price rises to the top, so you can buy coins from the top. I don’t recommend it much

not really trading bots . its just provide a platform like uniswap or sushiswap or any cex . but on your tg app