Tether now owns $2.8 billion worth of bitcoin after recent $380 million buy

Tether prints and receives money

Everyone is aware of the value of bitcoin and they want to own it

They use unlimited assets and buy limited assets

They say they have dollars and bonds.

There is a huge competition and everyone is competing to have the most amount.

I think this is a big lie

The biggest problem of the system is to be able to purchase these limited assets with unlimited assets.

They are preparing for the future, everyone is aware of the power of bitcoin

They can print huge amounts, but where do they get this income from is a matter of curiosity, I think.

The future belongs to cryptocurrencies, mostly bitcoin

Keeping them this high may pose a sales risk in the future.

I think their income is just printing money using their brand name.

The future belongs to cryptocurrencies

There may be a short-term effect

But crypto investors have the power to cover every sale

Because there are so many people who believe in bitcoin

It will definitely cause sharp fluctuations in the short term.

It can be both right and wrong

We do not have the chance to know 100% all the facts, the institutions in front of us are completely centralized.