Standard Chartered thinks Bitcoin will be at $100k by 2024

lets Gooo. this is highly reasonable

Nice. I see no reason why we should not go past 100k

true . Bala 1m target was just bs tbh…100k till 2024 is possible

i dont trust these guys . believe on yourself and your conviction

well said mate . own conviction is the most important thing in investment or trading

Too soon. Not earlier than 2025

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sir 2024 will be BTC year 2025 will be Alts year

I agree with this . 2024 is halving year so btc will be rocking :innocent:

Waiting for the alts go 10x.

Thats planned in 2024 end -25 :smiling_face:

xcn only 10x ? no way

thats a reasonable target . i have seen people asking for 100x

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100x will be satisfied too lol

But 100k is just 3x from the current prices haha.

100x will be in alt coins ser .