Stake Rate Increase

We expect community support to increase the XCN stake rate to 80%.

Can you please support?

That would be way to high I think its already good

We do not want to cause inflation, I think the APR is great as it is now for the time being.

You would need an OIP for this and support from the community.

Why does the staking rate move to 41.44% occasionally? Shouldn’t it stay around the 31% area as voted on? :point_up_2:

The rate will fluctuate based on how much XCN is staked so can go up and down accordingly.

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Enjoying the new rate for sure

80 % is way too high and not healthy for future and fundamentals …Current rate is good and healthy imo …

current rate is good enough .we dont need to increase at the moment

100% would be epic I think

We do not want to cause inflation, maybe a promotion where there is double stake rewards for a limited period of time and a maximum reward amount.

It’s already high enough

Now moved to suggestions.

NAHH , Its good what it is right now

what’s your logic for this increase and any benefit to holders ?