Solana just passed Ethereum in 24hr DEX volume (1.27x higher)

anyone heard about the solana phone ?

Like a real mobile phone from solana ?

Solana has really been cooking. Never saw that coming.
Exciting times ahead

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yeah man . solana run was unexpected

yes lol . solana saga , it got sold at 599 and right now on ebay people buying it at 6k as it is coming with many inbuilt airdrops

hopefully team will list sol and inj on the protocol after v2

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Solana Mobile, i remember when it was released.

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Hopefully …

wow, never knew probably, i will find out

eth maxis watching this with tinted eyes xD

how is it now ? still above eth volume or below now ?

king is king

obviously lol / you cant even compare btc with eth . both are in different leagues


there is not btc killer and no eth killer .

no one can surpass the king

Comparing these two is like comparing the right foot with the left foot.

The king will always remain the king of the market

Each of them has its own task, one revitalizes the entire market and the other leads the altcoins.