Should we shift to Layer 2?

Folks what about this possibilities ? less gas fees / faster txns also

see imo less gas fee and faster txns are alwys cool . but its not easy to shift the whole project on diffrnt chain from erc . it take guts

agreed . Not so easy . yeah we can go multi bridge that will be comfy for users

Not a bad idea , but is it even possible ?

This topic seems to be dead. How about putting some new life in to this? Guess to avoid high gas fees that an L2 expansion would be beneficial. Look at Coti. Apparently 2nd quarter they will be moving to L2.

Guess also to think about is what is the future of L1?

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lets put up Proposal with on chain voting

it lastly depeneds on team thought . only proposal wont work . for developing things they need money


I see Onyx can benefit from L2, acquiring more users.
Hope we’ll see L2 development proposal for Onyx soon.


you can lead it too as a onyx community member sir

true - good idea @MuhammadD alex should lead some thing to make onyx great

No, because my role is delivering news. Somebody else can start the initiative and I’ll tell the community about it.

:smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear: so if the proposal for shifting to L2 gets passed . what next will happen ?


Next the XCN mooning will happen :wink:

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Lol :rofl:

some one please create a proposal over it . Please whales


which layer 2 is better ?

Only discussion without acting brings no result ! sad but true

I am not a developer but how does this work if the community wants to shift to L2? Dunno how to help but there should be possibilities. So I agree with Terra, only discussing won’t bring us further!

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you put up a proposal if you have staked 100m xcn then community gonna vote over it whether they want l2 or not and if gets passed . the devs will start the process of adding l2 chain

I think that I have a slight shortage in staked XCN…But with a community vote with 100M XCN altogether?

Uhm I love the fact that we can initiate votings and that the community can steer the ship. However I can not imagine that we vote for something that does not have funding or enough funding. So someone has to calculate and say this is possible before we even can vote…

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