SEC Files Sealed Motion In Binance Case: Unveiling A ‘Rare’ Legal Maneuver

Not a great news for Binance.SEC Files Sealed Motion In Binance Case: Unveiling A ‘Rare’ Legal Maneuver |

From the article

Firstly, the SEC may seek to avoid interfering with an ongoing criminal investigation or prosecution conducted by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ). As reported by Bitcoinist, the DOJ is currently on the verge of investigating Binance, potentially involving money laundering allegations and other criminal conduct.

Secondly, the SEC’s motion to seal may be driven by the need to protect the safety or identity of a witness or company involved in the case. In such instances, redactions are typically employed to shield sensitive information without completely sealing the document.

So, if there is a witness, who could they be?

Just Fuds . nothing will happen with binance before new ath

Yeah, I hope it is not fud. News like this happened in the past but nothing happened to Binance. However, future is always uncertain, who knows when Binance or USDT collapse?

there is no chance of USDT collapse . no one can afford it

It’s the future. No one knows. It isn’t about who can affort it but more about the corruption inside USDT. There has been several legit scandals happened with USDT before but people seems to forget it

You know tether is top 20 buyer of T Bills of USA . even more than Australia Japan . i dont think they will ever dare now to attack

actually they used to attack Tether in the worst way possible but Paulo fought back with them and now tether is left alone . eventually it will happen with binance too