Ripple sales of XRP do not constitute offer of investment contracts: Judge

  • Ripple wins verdict that XRP is not a security
  • Judge also rules that institutional sales of XRP by Ripple were securities
  • Judge says crypto token sold to public may not be securities
  • SEC lawsuit over whether XRP is a security will go to trial

quite old news haha . you are late
Good news xcn is too not a security :wink:

what a great pump it gave :slight_smile: lmao although people are not sure that they will move to apex court eventually

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Haha exactly buddy . but let it pump until they announce it

I wonder what the appeal court will say.

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They can overrule this order or continue with this order :slight_smile: things in coming days gonna awesome

Now lets hope for staking service as a legal thing .

This a great news for crypto and many alts coin . literally a game changer

Just have some more patience Sir . You must be knowing the politics how it works